101 Jazz Guitar Licks App for iPad and Desktop

Are you looking to expand your jazz guitar vocabulary and build your jazz guitar chops but don’t want to just learn static licks without knowing WHY they sound the way they do?

The Matt Warnock Guitar 101 Jazz Guitar Licks App not only teaches you how to play 101 classic jazz guitar licks, it teaches you how each lick is built and why it sounds the way it does, allowing you to learn the building blocks of each lick, as well as the licks themselves.


Now Available for iPad and Mac Desktop/Laptop!


With over 100 licks to choose from, geared towards beginner, intermediate and even advanced players, there is something for every jazz guitarist in this exciting and fun to work with jazz guitar teaching tool.

Have a question or comment about this App? Visit the 101 Jazz Guitar Licks App thread in the MWG Forum.


101 Jazz Guitar Licks 1


101 Jazz Guitar Licks App for iPad and Desktop Features


  • Licks in Tab, Notation and played live on the guitar fretboard display
  • Real Audio recorded at 100% and 50% for each lick
  • Adjustable Lead and Rhythm Part Volume to allow for jamming with the backing track or just the lick itself
  • Adjustable metronome with real sampled guitar sounds to slow down or speed up any lick in the practice room
  • Behind the Lick explanations of why each lick sounds the way it does and how to break each lick down for further exploration in the woodshed
  • Left Handed Fretboard Option
  • Adjustable Fretboard colors and fret marker designs to customize the neck to look just how you like it


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101 Jazz Guitar Licks 2



The 101 licks are broken down into common jazz chord progressions that you will see in jam sessions and out on the bandstand.


 Lick Categories Include


  • 2-Bar Major ii V I
  • 2-Bar Minor ii V I
  • 4-Bar Major ii V I
  • 4-Bar Minor ii V I
  • Turnarounds
  • Modal Vamps
  • Blues Progressions and Chords
  • And More!



101 Jazz Guitar Licks 3




Download a Copy From the iTunes Store for only 9.99!


Download a Copy for Mac Desktop from the App Store for Only $9.99!


As well, each lick demonstrates a different jazz guitar concept and/or technique that you can take further into the practice room to adapt each lick for various musical situations and tunes.


Techniques Include


  • Double Stops
  • Slides, Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs
  • Chord Soloing Ideas
  • Double Time Licks
  • Rhythmic Variation and Development
  • Common Bebop Vocabulary
  • Common Jazz Blues Vocabulary
  • And More!


All this for under 0.10$ per lick!


101 Jazz Guitar Licks 1




If you are looking to expand your jazz guitar soloing vocabulary and chops today then check out the Matt Warnock Guitar 101 Jazz Guitar Licks App.

Not only will you learn 101 great-sounding and fun to play jazz guitar licks, but you will learn why each lick sounds the way it does, allowing you to derive countless hours of fun in the practice room working on these licks and the concepts behind getting a jazz sound into your guitar solos.


Download your copy today from the iTunes Store!


Click to Buy 101 Jazz Guitar Licks for Desktop from the Mac App Store!


32 Responses to "101 Jazz Guitar Licks App for iPad and Desktop"

  1. Tim Fees says:

    Will this play in Windows 7? I don’t have an ipad or iphone.

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Hi Tim, this version is only for iPad but there is one for Mac and PC desktop in the works right now, should be up shortly.

  2. Dan says:

    Will this be avail for iphone?

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Dan, that’s in the works. Because of the notation it’s too big right now for a phone, but we’re working on that for a future phone edition if possible.

  3. Andrew Baggio says:

    Matt great stuff! Do you ever sleep?

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Hey, not much these days, still jetlagged from the flight! lol but no not really, building apps is too much fun.

  4. Nick Fitch says:

    You should release a Lite / Trial version! are you planning on updating with more licks?

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      The app is being developed for Android and Desktop PC/Mac right now, after that we’ll be looking at the first update from there. thanks for checking it out.

  5. John Krieger says:


    Great app. I can’t find out how to turn on a count-in when playing back the licks, so I’m always playing catch-up in the beginning.

    Am I missing something, or does this go on the update list?

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Hey, there’s no count in as of yet, but if you loop the lick it will come back around at a set tempo so you can work with it that way. Thanks for checking it out!

  6. Rob says:

    Great app,I’m actually now beginning to sound a bit more like a jazz player.

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks Rob, glad you dig it!

  7. Steve Prager says:

    Matt, thanks for all the great gifts you’ve given us. I can’t tell you how often I’ve played your Bebop licks since I first tuned in. Cheers!

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks glad you are digging the site!

  8. Jason Chavez says:

    Nice site and it is nice to see that the Jazz community is still kicking. Keep up the good work

  9. Burt Masnick says:

    How soon will the android or pc versions be available?

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      I am hoping by the summer of 2013, have a new app in the works right now then can look into PC versions of this app.

      1. David says:

        Hi Matt, thanks for all the great work. You mentioned an Android version of the app for 2013 – what happened to it?

        1. Matt Warnock says:

          Thanks David. We released my chord app for Android and unfortunately not many people bought it for that platform. So we’re focusing on Apple right now, but will do more android in the future if the interest increases for the apps on that platform.

          1. David says:

            Hi Matt, I purchased your 251 Android app, I think you need to be aware that on that platform apps tend to be offered very cheaply, relying upon massive sales, rather than quickly being able to recoup the costs involved – perhaps you might think about lowering the price, then maybe you would attract interest not only from the relatively small community of jazz buffs, but also players from other musical genres looking for interesting apps. I would really have to think twice before shelling out +10$ for an app, when most others sell for 2-3$ – especially as you don’t offer a trial version so that people can see how much they would benefit from the app. Please don’t be offended, not being an iPhone user I don’t know what the market is like, but I do know the Android market, and you need to research it too before releasing an app – you can’t expect the average punter to care about how much effort you put into your apps, there is a huge amount of competition on that platform, but if you restrict the app only to certain platforms you will risk alienating the increasing number of Android users.


  10. Ronen says:

    Great App Matt

    You can see hear and understand each clearly, Thanks

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks man, glad you dig it!

  11. Gianfra says:

    I bought your app 251 chords.
    Very nice!


    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking it out, glad you dug it!

  12. edgar da silva says:

    I don’t have yet a credit card but I will go to the bank and make arragements for one I definetly need to buy your lessons it,s just what I need

  13. Max says:

    Hi Matthew – Does this work with an IPod touch or just the IPad? By the way I really liked your Stella By Starlight solo guitar video.



    1. Matt Warnock says:

      Hey Max, yes it will work on any ios system. Enjoy!

  14. Matt Warnock says:

    No offense taken David. Android is just tougher to build apps for as many of the phones have different sizes and shapes, meaning a lot of rewriting of the code to fit as many of those models as possible, whereas the iphones are relatively the same size shape, mostly, so it means less updates and less chance of issues with compatibility.

    We’re not giving up on Android, but we just need to keep working on the best way to reach people on Android on the various phones that offer that platform.

    We recently released this app for desktop and it’s done well, so that is something else we are exploring for future releases, as well as moving into video apps for all platforms.

    So more updates and advances to come on multiple platforms.

  15. Steve says:

    Hi Matt,
    I like the licks app very much. The only negative comment I have is the quality of recording when replayed on an Ipad without an external amplifier or headphones. It is not loud enough and sounds muffled.



    1. Matt Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out the app Steve. yes, it’s tough to get the sound to be loud enough on all the different ipads without it causing distortion on some of the older models, so we’ve worked it to be as loud as possible without breaking up the sound quality. We’re always working on finding the right mix of loudness vs. sound quality so this will adjust in the future as ipads change as well

  16. cliff says:

    hi matt,
    stumbled on your site few days ago.i think its the coolest thing that has ever happened to music.concerning the 101 Jazz Guitar Licks App,don’t you have for android phones?

    1. Matt Warnock says:

      Thanks Cliff, glad you like the site. Right now this app is just available for Mac and iOS systems. If/when we adapt it for Android I’ll put that out on my FB and Twitter etc to let folks know.

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