Build Bebop Vocabulary Vol. 2 – Dominating Dominants

Building Bebop Vol 2 Side AdWelcome to Building Bebop Guitar Vocabulary Volume 2: Mastering Unaltered 7th Chords.

You’re in the right place if you are looking to increase your knowledge of the 7th chord’s role in jazz guitar soloing, as well as increasing your Bebop jazz guitar vocabulary over this important and common chord in jazz.

By practicing the material in this 150 page eBook, you will not only get a sense of how to improvise over 7th chords, but be able to move beyond simply playing scales and arpeggios over chord.

You will learn how to speak the jazz language and be well on your way to dominating dominant 7th chords in no time.


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When Purchasing Building Bebop Vocabulary Vol. 2 You Get

  • 150 Page Printable PDF eBook
  • Over 200 Musical Examples in Both Tab and Notation
  • 194 Audio Examples
  • Easy to understand theory concepts backed up with real-life application of every concept in the book
  • Fun and beneficial exercise and practice tips/guidelines for every concept in the book


Concepts Covered in Building Bebop Vocabulary Vol. 2

  • 7th, 9th, 13th, 7#11, 9#11 and 13#11 Arpeggios, one and two-octave shapes
  • Bebop Arpeggio Patterns for jazz guitar
  • Multiple triad pair exercises for 7th and 7#11 chords
  • Minor, Major, Mixolydian and Lydian Dominant Pentatonic Scales
  • Mixolydian and Lydian Dominant scales, one and two-octave shapes
  • Bebop and Lydian Dominant Bebop scales, one and two-octave shapes
  • Famous Bebop and Lydian Dominant Bebop scale patterns for jazz guitar
  • 20 must-know scale patterns for jazz guitar
  • 6 Sample Jazz Blues solos using the concepts covered in this book
  • And more!


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18 Responses to "Build Bebop Vocabulary Vol. 2 – Dominating Dominants"

  1. Cemil says:


  2. Jamie Holroyd says:

    Dominating dominant 7ths is an extremely well put together and essential resource for any jazz guitarist wanting to develop their all around improvisation skills.

    The book starts with establishing fundamental dominant 7th practice techniques so that no guitarist gets lost and gradually moves on to more advanced concepts such as triad pairs and pentatonic scales.

    The way in which each topic is taught and structured makes the book a highly enjoyable resource to play through. Every technique is explained in a way which is never overwhelming and completely thorough demonstrating Matt’s expertise and experience as a teacher and author.

    Packed to the core with an abundance of practice tips, musical examples, and well recorded backing tracks to play along with, there shouldn’t be much you don’t know about soloing over dominant 7th chords after finishing this book which makes it my favorite book by one of my favorite educators and gets my upmost recommendation.

    1. Matt Warnock says:

      Thanks for the review of the book Jamie, glad you dug it!

  3. Dave says:

    Congrats Matt! Looks like an awesome and very useful book. Can’t wait to check it out!

    1. Matt Warnock says:

      Thanks Dave! I hope you enjoy the book.

  4. Ángel says:

    It sounds great

    1. Matt Warnock says:

      Thanks Angel, hope you dig the book!

  5. luca says:

    Starting from the fact I do not know ANYTHING about dominant chords, this would be pretty handy… :)

  6. sergio martinez calleja says:

    Thanks it must be a great book, I’d like to win it!

  7. Simen says:

    Hi Matt,

    In the newsletter you first talk about the eBook “Dominate Dominant 7th Chords”. Later on in the article you call it “Building Bebop Guitar Vocabulary Volume 2″. It is a little cofusing , – is this two different eBooks or is it the same one?


    1. Matt Warnock says:

      Hi Simen, this is the same book. Since the title is kind of long, and doesn’t always fit in newsletter headings etc, I’m just using the nickname “Dominant Dominant Chords’ to shrink it down a bit. Sorry if it’s confusing.

  8. Ebenezer says:

    it’s cool

  9. debajit says:

    Matt…i want jazz theory a to z free download……can you help me???

  10. Julian says:

    If this is volume two, where can I find volume one? Thanks.

  11. Wojciech "Bemol" Moczulski says:

    Hello Matt, thank you a lot for your materials to learn and practice. You do an amazing, invaluable job. Wojtek “B” Moczulski, Poland.

  12. J. Andrew says:

    Hey Matt,
    I just got your 2 Bebop books. I love your site and your courses! I had a quick question for you. I had one of those “A-Ha!” moments today while practicing. I figured out how to combine the Major Pentatonic with the Melodic Minor Pentatonic up a half step in order to get the color tones for a dominant 7th chord. Is there a trick like this for other chord types such as min 7th chords, etc.? Thanks for all of your hard work. Much appreciated!!

    Also, I am looking forward to more Bebop books!

    J. Andrew

    1. Matt Warnock says:

      Hey, thanks for buying the books! That’s a great trick, keep working on that. I like to alter pents, so changing one note to form other colors. Check these lessons out, you’ll probably dig them.

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