George Benson ii V I Licks 1

3 George Benson Double Time Licks for Jazz Guitar

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Pat Martino Double Stop Lines 1

How To Play Pat Martino Double Stop Lines For Guitar

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Mike Stern Intervallic Patterns 5

Mike Stern Intervallic Patterns For Jazz Guitar

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Allan Holdsworth Jazz Dominant Scale

How to Play The Allan Holdsworth Bebop Scale

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Mike Stern Arpeggio ii-V-I Major 2

Mike Stern Arpeggios – Minor Shapes For Guitar

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Allan Holdsworth String Skipping Scale

Allan Holdsworth Scales – String Skipping Shapes

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Chord Synonyms 6th jpeg

Ted Greene Guitar Chords – Chord Synonyms

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C Major Scale Octave Displacement

Oz Noy Scales For Guitar – Octave Displacement

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Witch Hunt Melody Line

Build Jazz Solos with the Witch Hunt Melody

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Jazz Guitar Licks Michael Brecker Pentatonic Scale 7

How To Play Michael Brecker Licks On Guitar

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Lenny Breau 4th Chords

Learn to Play 4th Voicing Lenny Breau Chords

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Kurt Rosenwinkel Scale Accents Charleston Altered

Kurt Rosenwinkel Scale Patterns – Accented Exercises

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Kenny Garrett Half Whole Diminished

How Kenny Garrett and Pat Martino Can Expand Your Jazz Guitar Scale Knowledge

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