Aeolian Mode

The Aeolian Mode is the sixth mode of the Major Scale and it contains 7 notes.

These notes are:

Root – M2nd – m3rd – P4th – P5th – m6th – m7th


So, for a C Aeolian Mode, these notes would be:

C – D – Eb – F – G – Ab – Bb


There are three different fingerings presented for both the one and two octave Mode. These fingerings start with your index, middle and pinky fingers respectively.

Not everyone will find every fingering comfortable or practical, so feel free to experiment with these different fingerings and find one, or two or three, that fit well with your hands.

Notice how the Aeolian Mode is only one note different than the Dorian Mode, we’ve added a flat 6th compared to the Dorian Mode.

Knowing this will not only raise your theory chops, but it also makes it easier to learn these fingerings on the guitar. Just take any Dorian Mode, lower the 6th note by one fret, and voila, instant Aeolian Mode.

Each fingering is presented on a C Aeolian Mode, but make sure to practice these in all 12 keys so that you learn you neck, as well as take these fingerings into every possible spot on the neck.

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Aeolian Mode One Octave Fingerings

aeolian scales 1

Aeolian One Octave_0001

Aeolian One Octave_0001 (2)


Aeolian Mode Two Octave Fingerings

aeolian scales 2

Aeolian Two Octave_0001

Aeolian Two Octave_0001 (2)

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