Jazz Guitar Lessons, eBooks and Apps Giveaway

As I roll into the 2nd year anniversary of building my jazz guitar lessons site, Mattwarnockguitar.com, I have been amazed at the positive support that I have received from people all over the world regarding my lessons and the site.

Recently I was humbled to discover that I had passed 3000 followers on Facebook, 3000 subscribers on YouTube and 5000 subscribers to my newsletter.

So, to say thanks to everyone that has followed the Matt Warnock Guitar Facebook Page, Matt Warnock Guitar YouTube Channel or signed up for the Matt Warnock Guitar Jazz Lessons Newsletter, I am doing a big giveaway of prizes to my readers.


Have a question or comment about the giveaway? Visit the Jazz Guitar Lessons Contest page at the MWG Forum.


To enter, simply COMMENT on this post and leave your email address when you comment. 


Your email will not be used or stored for any reason other than to contact the winners of each prize, and it will not be visible to anyone besides myself when I draw the winners.


Jazz Guitar Lessons Giveaway Prizes


  1. Matt Warnock Guitar 101 Jazz Guitar Licks App for ipad xs 2
  2. Matt Warnock Guitar 101 Jazz Guitar Licks App for Desktop xs 2
  3. Matt Warnock 2-5-1- Jazz Guitar Chord App xs 2
  4. 30 Days to Better Jazz Guitar Ebook
  5. Modern Time eBook
  6. Building Bebop Vocabulary Ebook
  7. 15 Minute Custom Video Lesson
  8. 30 Minute Skype Jazz Guitar Lesson With Me
  9. Fundamental Changes in Jazz Ebook
  10. Intro to CAGED system eBook
  11. The Blues Language eBook


The Draw for these prizes will be on FRIDAY March 29th, 2013 at 9am London time and winners will be contacted shortly after with info on how to collect their prizes.

14 winners, 1 per prize, will be drawn through the random.org random number generator, and you can win more than one prize if luck is on your side.

Thanks for all of your support in helping me get mattwarnockguitar.com off the ground over the past 18 months, and please COMMENT below to enter to win.

Good luck everyone!

Jazz Guitar Lessons Giveaway

414 Responses to "Jazz Guitar Lessons, eBooks and Apps Giveaway"

  1. Marc-Antoine Turcotte says:

    Id like to learn more about jazz , thanks for the opportunity.

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck!

      1. George Caboy says:

        My emails have been undeliverable for some reason, so I am using the “reply” link on one of your replies to someone else…sorry, but your other links for the contest do not seem to work (?). I also “Liked” your FB page.
        Thanks again for all your great lessons and congratulations of your success.


      2. Bill O'Brien says:

        I’d like to give you a long overdue THANK YOU for your wonderful and very informative “classes.” Your approach to theory and it’s application is so relaxed and yet so educational without making it feel like a advanced college level, nuclear fusion class. I’ve been playing/teaching for 34 years as a professional guitar and bass player, spanning many genres. Jazz by far is my favorite. So often the student struggles with basic concepts. I have to admit I have lovingly “borrowed” a few of your techniques in my own playing AND teaching, with much success. I enjoy your phrasing and paying style very much. In fact, a single phrase that you offer can easily become a several-classes spanning experience. I thank you for your dedication to the genre and it’s perpetuation. Jazz much live on.

        I live in New Jersey, USA. Back in the 1980′s/90′s , I had the unique and humbling opportunity to meet , play with and other times just watch in AWE, the great Tal Farlow. A towering, yet nicest/gentlest man there was. One of the GREATEST bebop/swing players there ever was, in my opinion. I learned so much from him. It was HIS playing that first exposed Jazz to me. I have never been the same since. :).

        You carry on in that tradition. I just want to thank you. Offering so much for free and still reserve enough to make a business out of something you LOVE. That’s true dedication to the art-form and shows your love of what you do! Thank you again.


    2. Jeff Goldstein says:

      Always enjoy your newsletters and lessons. Thank you.

  2. Khris Radke says:

    Your website is an excellent resource that can help advance ANY style player! Thanks and keep up the good work!!

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck!

  3. Harry Maes says:

    Thanks a lot for your thorough and well structured lessons on jazz vocabulary!

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck!

    2. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  4. Steve Vetter says:

    Well I think that you already know how much I dig what you have to offer but I can’t resist taking a shot at a free skype lesson. I already have almost everything that’s being offered but another lesson through skype would be very, very cool indeed!!!

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  5. Charles says:

    I am of the opinion that you are blessed to be doing this. For you are giving your time, energy and resources to ensure that your fellow jazz cats are well informed with your user friendly teaching techniques. God bless you

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  6. Ronen says:


    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  7. Richard Poitras says:

    Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the opportunity to learn — and enter the contest! :)

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  8. Mat Fibonacci says:

    Great lessons, great playing, tank you for for the opportunity and greetings from Italy!

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  9. Jerry Duguet says:

    Happy birthday. I’m always happy to hear from you !!

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  10. Jonas.E says:

    Thanks Matt for your effort to make Jazz language easier overcome for Jazzlovers. Hope you will continue your work
    and process in future with that ” Cool ease breeze ” touch.

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  11. Hans Koonings says:

    Great pages!

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  12. Warren Allsopp says:

    This post is very, very nice.

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  13. Chawanangwah zgambo says:

    At first i was just a guitarist playing it like a kid with a toy but when i searched guitar lessons online my full heart and hopes stoped on dr mathew warnocks website n i signed up as an online learner. Its almost a year now and i can every one out ther that thru learning to dr matt am not jst a guitar player but, iam someone that can amaze ppo and am nw in advanced level. Many thanks 2u dr matt and all of you who follow dr matt warnocks jazz guitar lessons. Last but not least, matt warnock’s guitar website to me its like my bread and butter with cup of coffe!

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  14. Victor says:

    thanks for providing all this stuff to the jazz guitarist in making

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  15. Paul says:

    A great site that I follow regularly – congratulations on your anniversary

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  16. Billy says:

    Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the opportunity to learn — and enter the contest

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  17. Nick says:

    Thanks for this website, it’s an awesome resource for an aspiring jazz guitarist. I’m rooted in rock playing and I’ve recently been getting into players like Tom Quayle and Guthrie and your lessons are shedding light into how they approach getting their sound :D

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  18. Luka says:

    He,Matt! Thx again for all the free stuff. Great site, man.

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck with it!

  19. Bob Evans says:

    Hi Matt,
    Your lessons and free stuff are of such quality, I don’t know how you do it, really fantastic, I personally have learned more since I found your site than in the last few years.
    Thanks so much Keep up the good work.
    I wish I’d have had access to this quality material 20 years ago.

    Bob Evans

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  20. Amelia says:

    Hey from Oz
    You know everything from trad blues to modern jazz. Plus you explain things really clearly.

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck with the draw!

  21. Taras says:

    Thanks for the chance, Matt! Keep doing great job!

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  22. Jeff says:

    Hi Matt,
    First and foremost thanks for taking the time to share and educate us on the ins and outs of Jazz guitar. What I’ve learned from you and your Web site is Patience. Take your time. Hold on to what you have taken in and practice, practice , and practice. Oh and did I mention to practice.

    Thanks Matt

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck with the draw!

  23. Carlos Ben Ari says:

    I am a guitar and Jazz theory myself, and very much enjoy your postings. Keep on the good work!

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck with the draw!

  24. Alex says:

    Thanks, you havethe gift to make complex things look easy. Alex

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck with the draw!

  25. Lawrie Mann says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’ve enjoyed the site, it’s content and most importantly, getting to know you via our Skype lessons. Continued success!

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks Lawrie, been great getting to know you and your playing, thanks again!

  26. jonny says:

    Congrats Matt!

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck with the draw!

  27. Lindie says:

    Matt – am working my way (slowly) through your book and find it easy to understand and full of good sense. Now all I have to do is find more hours in the day to practise.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck with the draw!

  28. Daniel williams says:

    Long may you continue!

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck with the draw!

  29. Dan Dawson says:

    Thanks for all you do. You have helped so many people immensely, myself among them. Keep up the great work.

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck with the draw!

  30. Matt says:

    I mainly play blues but after watching your videos I try and incorporate some jazz licks in to my playing. Hopefully I’ll get there one day,it’s great fun learning. Cheers Matt.

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  31. douglas bence says:

    In the high and far off days, guitarists were very protective of what they did, reluctant to share the simplest lick unless they were certain that the player they were talking to couldn’t play it! This still holds true of Flamenco players in Spain. But the Internet mercifully changed most of that, the Internet and the way it was used by players like Matthew Warnock who freely share their knowledge and experience. As a result, playing standards are higher all round and everybody wins. And that’s what music, jazz and the guitar should be all about. Long may it continue and every success to Matt and others like him.

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  32. J says:

    Thanks for all the well explained lessons Matt!

    I love the way you manage to make everything seem so simple and always place the music above the conept. Jazz teachers I have had in the past really took the enjoyment out of playing jazz for me due to their textbook thinking and lack of musical expression.

    Look forward to more great lessons.

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  33. Leonid says:

    Matt, I respect you very much since you sent me your guitar chord solo Insensitive few years ago, and I always look forward to another newspaper of you, to enjoy the fine set out educational material once again. Thank you very much.

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  34. Michael Casey says:

    I am a 62 year old who has loved jazz since I was 16, and only recently decided to take up jazz guitar. So as a relative beginner I have found your site, videos and teaching methods a real incentive to carry on. Keep up the good work.

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  35. Peejay says:

    Great site Matt, thanks and keep up the good work.

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  36. Rick says:

    New kid on the block who stumbled upon your site. Jazz guitar continues to elude me; however, your site has begun shedding some light on the gaps in my understanding of the Jazz Guitarist.

    Thank you!

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  37. Miguel says:

    Thank you Matt for the time u spend every day to help all of us that want to go one step beyond in jazz guitar playing.Congrats

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  38. Mustafa says:

    Thanks for lessons and contest… good luck man !

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks for checking out my jazz guitar lessons and for entering the contest. Good luck man!

  39. Ian Wilkinson says:

    Our thanks go to you, Matt. You website is a great resource and every subject covered is a solid and essential.

    There’s one email I look forward to receiving and that, of course, is the latest lesson from you.

    I’m grateful that you are committed to your site and to us jazz guitar addicts.

    Thanks Matt and all the very best.

  40. Jean-Pierre BOURLIER says:

    Happy birthday from south of France . I have not found jazz guitar lessons as interesting than yours on the web..

  41. mark felts says:

    Thanks Matt for everything you do!

  42. marko says:

    a lot of good and tru materials. thanks

  43. Russ says:

    Thanks for the great lessons, Matt. After working on them with guitar, I try to adapt them to the Chapman Stick.

  44. Cal says:

    All luck is good if you learn from it!

  45. John Forster says:

    Thanks Matt,you do a fantastic job of making jazz guitar simpler to ordinary people like me.
    Keep up the the good work

  46. Ron Warren says:

    Matt, I have not only enjoyed your lesson’s but you have also pointed links to great tips by others. Your posts in the Jazz.be forum are on point as well. Congrats.

  47. jeremie mandel says:

    Great site that helps me through the learning of jazz guitar. Thank you Matt!

    I hope I’ll win some cool stuff to better my playing a little more :)

  48. antoine joseph says:

    Awesome Matt! My fingers and toes are crossed! :).

  49. Niko C. says:


    j’aime beaucoup ce site plein de bons conseils…

    Merci !

  50. El says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and skills with us !
    Have a great Sunday.

  51. michael says:

    I’ve got one of your apps and one of your books already. Keep up the good work.

  52. James Morgenthien says:

    Congratulations on your two year anniversary!

    Thank you, Matt, for all the work you do in providing quality lessons for jazz guitar.

    I always look forward to getting an email notice of a new lesson or YouTube video. It makes my day.

    Thank you again,

  53. Vladan says:

    Hey, give me my money back!

  54. Alfredo says:

    All the best from Italy…
    Keep up the good work

  55. mettis says:

    Matt,I read your letters and learn from you all the time. My hope is to one day afford to get the secret things. keep doing what you do.

  56. Kmac says:

    Great site man – can always find something new to try – thanks

  57. Per Fischer says:

    Thanks, Matt, really good online resource. per.fischer@gmail.com

  58. Kmac says:

    Great site man – can always find something new to try – thanks

  59. Michael Toope says:

    Having fun with “30 days…” Glad I found your site!

  60. Alireza says:

    Matt, I ‘m 58 , from Tehran ,Iran. I’ve been practicing your lessons for over one year ,they are all great and helped me a lot.
    Thanks a million.
    I ‘ve downloaded more than 100 of your video lessons from Youtube, I think there is some problem with the sound quality. Could you consider that in your future videos.

  61. rich says:

    thanks for providing jazz guitar lessons, and keep up the good work.

  62. John D says:

    Thank you for your work on your site. Lessons are well presented and straightforward to digest. I have learnt so much and so much more to learn and am thoroughly enjoyin it.
    Thanks again.

  63. orestis says:

    thanks for everything matt

  64. Steve Sweet says:

    Top stuff Matt.

  65. Gary mccallister says:

    Great enjoying jazz guitar. Keep up the good playing.

  66. allan13 says:

    Whenever I have time, there is an interesting lesson.

    thxs from Germany

  67. Brian says:

    As a novice your lessons have been instrumental in helping me advance

  68. mike says:

    Hi Matt. I am 70 yrs now and playing since I was 16. After all this time I am still learning new things from you so many thanks.

  69. Rob B says:

    Congrats on your 2nd anniversay

  70. Herbert B. Torio says:

    Thanks for your free jazz guitar lessons Matt and congratulations on your 2nd Anniversary.

  71. Robert Parker says:

    Matt’s website is an excellent resource for the musician looking to enter the often daunting world of jazz guitar, and it keeps getting better! I’m looking forward to referrring to it often in my musical journey.

  72. Arnaud Gaudin says:

    Thank you very much for share your knowledges Matt and for the game !

  73. Chris says:

    Really appreciate what your doing, its hard to find good guitar lessons particularly in jazz thanks for your input.

  74. Chris says:

    Love your lessons! Look forward to your emails every week!

  75. Robert says:

    Soft, cool jazz is it for me. Thanks for all your ‘stuff’

  76. David Moreau says:

    Hi Matt, your site has been an inspiration to me and everyone.
    Keep up the amazing work.



  77. Gianluca says:

    Well, i hope to win this amazing package, because learning is never enough. I really love guitars,music and also who make it better, you are one of this man.

    Thanks a lot!!!

    Good Vibes!!!


  78. Tito says:

    I enjoy your e- and video lessons.. all the best,

  79. Paolo Pavesi says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge.
    Keep up the good work!

  80. Colin Omand says:

    AS a lifelong beat/blues/and rythm/lead player I have recently retired , actually semi retired at moment , I am trying to get into jazz guitar and I am impressed and encouraged with your lessons and hoping to get more into them this year. Well done on your successful 1st year and I am looking forward to continuing with your lessons

  81. Julian says:

    Congratulations on reaching the two year point with your website. Thanks for all the brilliant lesson material you provide on your site and in eBook format. I’m particularly pleased to see that you’re gradually making your apps available in desktop format for those of us without iPads/iPhones or Android devices. It’s been really frustrating not to have been able to take advantage of these tools so far. Keep up the great work! Julian

  82. Jim Pagotto says:

    Thank you Matt for the wealth of valuable info you make available here!

  83. Paul Sampsonis says:

    The number of followers must mean something, Matt!

  84. Dan says:

    Enjoying your lessons in my 60′s. wish you had been here in my 20′s:-)

  85. Tom G says:

    Cograts on reaching those numbers, Matt! I always learn something from your posts.

  86. Marcus Deveso says:

    Congrats on two years!

  87. Adam Barber says:

    Hi Matt, thanks for taking the time to set up this great jazz guitar site and congrats to two years of online lessons!

  88. Benjamin Kibler says:

    Great teacher and site.

    I’m feeling lucky!!!

  89. Lightnin' Rick says:

    Hi Matt

    Great lessons, lots of free stuff keeping me busy!


  90. Leonaard Henriette says:


    I think this is a great gesture directed to all us developing jazz guitarists and I hope that the winners will make you proud by advancing in their jazz guitar abilities because of your noble offer.

    Best Regards,

  91. Mark Hurwitz says:

    Your materials are great. Thanks, I always look forward to your emails.

  92. Craig Maltby says:

    I learn something new from each newsletter.

  93. John Stinson says:

    Love your site. Keep up the good work.

  94. Jim says:

    Thanks to you Matt, for sharing your expertise. Most unselfish advancement of the music.

  95. nestor says:

    Hi! Sorry for my english…..I bought the 30 days and the app for android anf found them very useful and learning a lot.
    I ‘d like to congratlulate your work and recommend to anyone who love the guitar

  96. Bob says:

    Hey Matt, congrats.

  97. Daniel says:

    Matt you have done a great job on the lessons that you provide. I would love to study more of your material. I guess here my chance to..
    keep up the great work.

  98. martin says:

    …wanna be better!

  99. Matt Stutts says:


  100. Rod Buckle says:

    Generous and cool idea

  101. Scot says:

    I am a grateful subscriber to your e-newsletter and follow your occasional comments on the jazz guitar forum. Always great stuff and always well presented.

  102. Steve Waite says:

    Great to see, Matt. congrats! Keep the good stuff coming.

  103. Don Fraser says:

    Matt your books and website are certainly the best organized and presented jazz guitar learning materials on the internet. i use your material all the time when i practice and also my buddy terry and i run through things we’re working on using your methods. keep it coming!

  104. Ash says:

    Hey Matt, Cheers for the free lessons. Just managed my first few bars/licks transcribed by ear :) Oscar Peterson (well it sort of sounds right?? to me) Thanks for the tips. Count me in for the comp. Cheers

  105. John says:

    Hey Matthew Cheers to you

    They say when the student is ready the TEACHER will come.




  106. R.Cooper says:

    Thanks you for your efforts in promoting Jazz Guitar…!!!

  107. Miguel Ángel cámara says:

    Thanks for all The stuff you show us in a daily work. I follow you since long ago.

  108. Elkan says:


  109. John Price says:

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for your contribution towards music education. I’ve learned a lot from your work.

  110. Freddie Lopez says:

    Just liked your facbook page, thanks for the contest!

  111. John Williamson says:

    Matt – I always learn something new from each of your posts. Keep up the great work!

  112. Gustav says:

    Hi Matt, thanks for all the great lessons – very inspiring! I hope you’ll keep up the good work

  113. Doug Boyce says:

    Hi Matt. Your a great teacher.

  114. Tom Swan says:

    Matt — I always look forward to receiving your newsletter. Many thanks for the great job you are doing in online jazz guitar instruction! — Tom Swan

  115. Bob Maddock says:

    Matt – Congrats on the milestones. I find your lessons very helpful and educational. Cheers and best of luck!

  116. Sam says:

    Your lessons are great and I look forward to them. Thanks for doing all of this for up and coming guitarists. Thanks for this contest, as well!

  117. bwreilly says:

    Matt, You’ve set a high bar for online lessons. I’ll forever have things to work on!

  118. Hugo Rauhamaa says:

    The first thing is learn the? rules. The second one is break them with passion.
    Thanks man! Greetings from Finland :)

  119. Chuck says:

    Hey do you have any “trips to Vegas” in you prize collection??

    I’ll settle for one of you books. They are interesting and informative, but nothing beats Vegas.
    Is that London England time or some London here in the states?

    Have a great day, Matthew!!

  120. Willie says:

    Hi Matt First thing I look for when checking mail is news from you. Very informative and interesting. Tks very much

  121. Lokelani says:

    Matt, thank for all of the great instruction. Your site is great and has been so helpful.

  122. Rick says:

    I was looking for Jazz lessons and happened upon your sight. I followed it and I am glad I did , it gave me something to work with and I thank you.

  123. Mike Heise says:

    Thank you for this fresh approach to teaching jazz guitar. I have long dabbled in jazz guitar, but have always had trouble setting up a consistent approach that a hobbyist can use. As a retired high school teacher, I love to see an approach to teaching that reaches all levels of player. Congratulations on a job well done!

  124. Glenn Betcher says:

    Matt, I’ve been playing guitar for over 50 years, both classical and jazz, and you’ve managed to make things fresh. I applaud your innovation for using social media to reach that “hidden jazz market” that everyone wishes they could find. Good luck in all you do.

  125. Mark says:

    Love your lessons! Thanks for sharing and for having the drawing. I hope I win something!

  126. Pt says:


  127. tom tom says:

    Thanks, Matt, your free lessons are a great help to my sl0-0-ow learning of the guitar!

  128. Dave Gilstrap says:

    Great to see that this past two years as been successful, Matt ! For me, being able to focus on learning Jazz, even guitar, on a specific subject works. Thus, your method does just that , thanks and may the next year be as progressive.

  129. Denis Barsalo says:

    Great stuff Matt… I’ve been following you for a while here, on Facebook and on You Tube. I like your approach and calm, easy demeanour. I’ve learned something new each time I’ve checked out a lesson.



  130. victor says:

    Thank you for everything that youhave put on this site.

  131. John W says:


    Thank you for your continued efforts. I look forward to your newsletter and updates.

  132. Mike says:

    Count me in. I need any help I can get. Thanks.

  133. PC says:

    Thanks very much for great resources and consistent newsletters ~ excellent!

  134. John Cullen says:

    Matt thanks I check your site often , & on youtube , & I have your 2-5-1 app & 101 Licks ipad app … both great …cheers John C

  135. Jaime says:

    I’ve been following you for a while and have learned a lot. Thanks! The idea of the contest is great…

  136. Michael Mangaroo says:


    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your posts on FB. I’ve learned a great deal through your lessons. Keep up the great work?

    Many thanks,

    Michael Mangaroo

  137. Todd Hopwood says:


    Thank you so much for spending so much time freely sharing your wealth of jazz knowledge with us. Your lessons have helped add focus and purpose to my practice routine, and the 2-5-1 chord generator app has been invaluable. Thanks again for doing what you do!


  138. Rolf says:

    Just spend an enjoyable 3-4 hours (or was it – oops! – 4-5 hours?!) getting some of your 101 jazz licks from the app under my fingers. I’m learning a great deal along the way. Thanks – and keep up the great work!

  139. zeke says:

    Thanks for your help, Matt!

  140. Bob Ellis says:

    Great lessons. Good job at explaining the theory behind some great sounding jazz ideas.

  141. Craig Hedrick says:

    There are some people who seem to think I have some level of guitar skill. They actually call me “guitarist.” I am a picker at best.
    I tell them all, if you want to “get jazzy with it” go see Matt!

  142. Tomas Johannsson says:

    Great source of material Mr Warnock. Keep it coming!


  143. derek says:

    Thank you for all you have taught us so far, you’re a great teacher!!!

  144. John Jaworski says:

    Thank you Matt, your generosity is appreciated by a lot of people!

  145. Simon Hartgroves says:

    If you build it, they will come… All the best Matt, and here’s to the next 3000…

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  357. Scott Cavanagh says:

    Nice job, Matt. Congrats from the USA.

  358. Byron Lovering says:

    Very impressive approach and knowledge. I will purchase the ebook soon. Thanks for what you do!

  359. Aron Benett says:

    Always love seeing what jazz guitar jewels you have posted.

  360. Sherif Alaa says:

    Hi Matt,.hope you are having a good time and congratulations for this milestone :)

  361. Tom Clements says:

    Here’s to many more milestones in the coming years

  362. Chito says:

    Me and other guitar players who have come to learn more from your free lessons are indebted and thankful to your generosity in sharing your music knowledge! Thank you so much Matt and more power and success to you. I take off my hat to you.Brother .Namaste!

  363. Dave Gilstrap says:

    Great news, likely the sign of a pattern of progession ! Congrats!

  364. allegrojm says:

    Hi Matt

    I just discovered your site and am amazed by the quality and volume of the material. I have not come across anything that comes close to as good as this. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I purchased your 2-5-1 Android app, any chance of the 101 Jazz licks for Android?



    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      Thanks man. We are looking into that app for Android. Up next is a Scale app for ipad, iphone and ipod, then we’ll take a look at another android app. Cheers!

  365. Dan says:

    A bigbigbig thank you for providing such great musical lessons and explanations for everyone out there! Keep going, happy anniversary and best regards

  366. rob rooker says:

    i don’t want to suck anymore

  367. Tobi says:

    Hey Matt aka the new Hal Leonard for all String Lovers ;)
    Thanks for this great possibility!
    cheers from Delhi

  368. Paul Phillips says:


  369. jimkata2000 says:

    Congrats on 2 years, I wish you the best in your future endeavors. I took a Jazz course at Berklee as part of a cert class. Life got in the way but I enjoyed the Jazz class and was going to take a couple more, but decided it was too pricey. I am glad I found your site and plan to use your 30days book and forum to improve my playing. Thanks

  370. Pam says:

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate your willingness to share. I’m a winner no matter how the contest turns out!

  371. Javier Alonso says:

    Tabs and audio tracks from your lessons make a wonderful learning -and teaching- aid. Thanks for such a good job.

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