Play Better Jazz Guitar in 30 Days

What is the Play Better Jazz Guitar in 30 Days Project About?


As someone who has studied music most of my life, and spent the last 17 years studying jazz guitar, I know that it’s sometimes hard to find new material to work on, figure out where to go next in our learning path or just open our ears and minds to new ideas on the instrument.

Because of this, I decided to put together a little project, where each day for a whole month I will post a short lesson on a different topic, and throughout the month cover all of the jazz guitar basics such as chords, scales, triads, arpeggios, ear training, repertoire and the ever dreaded sight reading.

The goal of this project is to not only give you 30 days of material to practice, but hopefully these articles will open your ears and minds up to new possibilities on the instrument and provide hours, weeks or month of further practicing when the month is over.

Also, a few of these items will be difficult for some of us to do, like sight reading or singing harmony, but don’t let that deter you. The things that are hardest to work on are usually the most beneficial to our playing, so stick with it even when you feel you can’t do something right away, or after more than a few tries. The effort will be worth it in the long run.

Each day a new article will be posted and linked to this page, if you don’t want to wait around for it to show up, usually around 9am EST, you can subscribe to my RSS Feed or follow me on Facebook or Twitter, to catch each article as soon as they go live.

This has been a fun project to put together so I hope you enjoy working through it as much as I did putting it together.

Grab your guitar, plug into your favorite amp and get ready to Play Better Jazz Guitar in 30 Days!


Purchase the “30 Days to Better Jazz Guitar Ebook” with 20 pages of extra material and 5 never before published bonus lessons!


The 30 Days


Day 1:  How to Practice Major Scale Modes for Jazz Guitar

Day 2: Practicing Dominant Cylces to Become a Better Jazz Guitarist

Day 3: The Rolle: Building Dexterity and Finger Control for Jazz Guitarists

Day 4: The Importance of Accents in Jazz Guitar Improvisation

Day 5: 9 Ways to Add Melodic Minor to Your Jazz Guitar Practice Routine

Day 6: Play Major Blues Tunes Like Your Favorite Jazz Guitarist

Day 7: 5 Exercises to Help You Learn Extended Arpeggios for Jazz Guitar

Day 8: Spice Up Your Jazz Guitar Solos With the Pentatonic b9 Scale

Day 9: 5 Easy Exercises to Learn Drop 2 Chords for Jazz Guitar

Day 10: How to Learn Minor Blues Tunes for Jazz Guitar

Day 11: How 3 to 7 Triads Can Make Your Jazz Guitar Solos More Interesting

Day 12: Bebop Scale Patterns for Jazz Guitar

Day 13: 9 Ways to Master the Harmonic Minor Scale for Jazz Guitar

Day 14: How to Practice Drop 3 Chords for Jazz Guitar

Day 15: 5 Easy Ways to Solo Over Major ii-V-I’s for Jazz Guitar

Day 16: Maximize Your Comping with 2 Note Jazz Guitar Chords

Day 17: How to Learn Standard Tunes for Jazz Guitar

Day 18: Sight Reading Exercises for Jazz Guitar

Day 19: What Are 4th Voicings and How Can They Effect Your Jazz Guitar Playing

Day 20: How to Practice Harmonic Major Modes for Jazz Guitar

Day 21: Train Your Ears to Become a Better Jazz Guitarist

Day 22: Discover a New Harmonic Direction with 3 to 9 Arpeggios

Day 23: 5 Exercises to Master Jazz Guitar Chord Scales

Day 24: How to Learn Bebop Tunes for Jazz Guitar

Day 25: How to Transcribe Your Favorite Jazz Guitar Solo

Day 26: 5 Exercises to help Jazz Guitarists Read Changes

Day 27: What is the Charleston Rhythm and How Can it Help Your Jazz Guitar Playing

Day 28: Minor ii-V-I Chords: Using Parallel m7b5 Arpeggios to Spice Up Your Jazz Guitar Solos

Day 29: How to Learn Modern Jazz Tunes for Jazz Guitar

Day 30: 4 Vocal Exercises That Will Improve Your Jazz Guitar Playing

43 Responses to "Play Better Jazz Guitar in 30 Days"

  1. Miguel Granada says:

    Hi Matt , could you make one big PDF from this 30 lessons ?

    1. Matt Warnock says:

      Hey Miguel,
      I am planning on releasing an ebook next month for this series, with videos for almost every lesson and extra information added into it. So it will be all in one place and printable. The free articles will still be on the site forever for everyone to enjoy, but I will also offer a book to purchase, at a low price, for those that want all 30 lessons in a pdf form. thanks!

  2. Miguel Granada says:

    Thx, Matt i ll wait for the book.

  3. Rodolfo says:


    1. Matt Warnock says:

      Thanks Rodolfo!

  4. Dave says:

    Hi Matt, I just happened to stumble upon your site a few weeks ago, and I must say, it’s the most informative jazz guitar site I’ve ever seen.I should know, I’ve been searching the net on the subject for the past 4 to 5 years ,I’m looking forward to the pdf book, it would make it easier to have it all in one shot.I start my first lesson tonight with an accomplished jazz guitar instructor here in Orleans, On, Can.I will use your site as a supplement to my training.Thanks for putting this all together for us aspiring jazz guitarists.

    1. Matt Warnock says:

      Thanks Dave, I’ll have the book done in October and launched in November. It’ll have 20 extra pages of musical examples and 5 bonus lessons as well, should be a good resource!

      Who is your teacher? I grew up in Ontario and Quebec, maybe I know them. Have fun at your lesson!

      1. Dave says:

        Hi Matt, my teacher is Tim Bedner, and my lesson was awesome.I have lots of homework, and looking forward to start working on the lesson plan.I will keep coming back to your site as well.

        Take care


        1. Matt Warnock says:

          Cool i haven’t met Tim et but have heatd about him. I studied with Roddy Ellias, lots of great jazzers in Ottawa!

    2. Matt Warnock says:

      Hey Dave,
      The ebook is ready a bit ahead of schedule, you can find it here

      you’ll probably be my first customer so let me know how the buying process goes, if it’s smooth etc, enjoy the book!

  5. Charlie says:

    Hi Matt, Firstly I’d like to say thanks for producing this site and for the moment at least, this page in particular.
    I have recently embarked on a mission to improve my guitar playing. And after a week or so of looking around the web I found that I had amassed a frankly overwhelming amount of info (bookmarked websites, downloads etc) regarding jazz guitar. I was at a bit of a loss as how to approach all this stuff. Then I found this site/page.
    Now at last I can get some structure into what I’m trying to do. At first I thought I’d try and spend several days instead of one on each of the topics. But then I figured that doing it in the suggested 30 days was a better idea because it would give me an overview of the material, and hopefully along the way Id pick up ideas for some kind of practice routine.

    1. Matt Warnock says:

      Glad you found my site and are digging it! Take as much time on these as you need. Maybe try each lesson for one day, then go back and ork longer on the ones that gave you the most trouble. Good luck and if you have any questions let me know.

  6. John says:


    I really appreciate you taking the time to help direct our attention while learning more about Jazz.

    I can’t wait until the ebook is available! I’m in a jazz improv class at our local community college (Ann Patterson is our instructor) and I know the guitar players are going to DIG this site, and this lesson.

    1. Matt Warnock says:

      Cool, glad you dug the articles. Many more to come, if you didn’t sign up for the newsletter yet you should, you will dig it. Free lessons in your inbox every monday that aren’t on the site or anywhere else on the net. Check it out and thanks for the support!

  7. Theno says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’d leaved the lesson of ” Drop 2 Chords ” and I’ve learning ” Play Better Jazz Guitar In 30 Days “. I think this part can sequence me to play better jazz guitar in step by step.

    The first day is going to learn. I will tell you how about it.

    Thank You very much for share the knowledge.

    Have a great day.

    1. Matt Warnock says:

      Thans Theno, glad ou dug the lessons, good luck with the series!

  8. Dave says:

    Hi Matt, I know you’re very busy, but I just wanted to know if you have a release date in mind for the ebook?I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy.Let me know.



    1. Matt Warnock says:

      Hey Dave,
      The book is 99% done. I’m going to England from November 4-11th then I will release the book around the 15th once I get back, so like 3 weeks. Thanks for waiting!

  9. charlie says:

    Hi there Matt,
    just want to say that I have done the whole 30 days worth of lessons. Its a great overview of the toolkit available to jazz guitarists. Some of it was pretty challenging, but I have learnt heaps. Many thanks for putting this stuff up, and for so patiently (and informatively) replying to my comments and queries.

    1. Matt Warnock says:

      Hey Charlie,
      Glad you made it all the way through! Thanks for sticking with it and I’m glad it was fun and hopefully helpful

  10. John mcminn says:

    So how do i give you the 9$ to get the E book? i don’t see any mention of “Products” on your website

  11. mark says:

    Incredible material here!

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      thanks Mark, appreciate you checking out the site!

  12. Matthew Warnock says:

    30 Days to Better Jazz Guitar e-book by Matthew Warnock is an outstanding asset for up-and-coming jazz guitarists, though it covers advanced topics that seasoned players will surly benefit from learning as well. In either case, it is written in a clear, friendly manner, and the chapters are well thought out and filled with notation/TAB examples and links to additional resources. Each daily lesson is highly accessible and perfectly sized for a focused practice session. The book covers the indispensable scales, chords, voicings, arpeggios, motifs, progressions, rhythms, and accents, which characterize both modern and classic jazz guitar playing styles. On top of that, the author offers ample experienced advice on how to get the best out of time spent in the “woodshed” practicing. After 30 days, students will find themselves further down the road to playing in a great musical tradition with many new ideas and perspectives to assist them along the way.

    ~Jonathan Pac Cantin “JonnyPac”
    Jazz guitarist, musical educator, and author of Chord-Scale Theory and Linear Harmony for Guitar

  13. Larry says:

    Does the ebook come with mp3 files?

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      HI Larry, there is no audio for this book, but if you are an aural learner my other two books both have audio examples with them.

  14. Tim says:

    Hi Matt. Just came across your website and I must sat it is very informative. I’m looking forward to purchasing your e-books and diving into your site. I have played the bass guitar (and guitar to a lesser extent) for 25 years and have just gotten back into guitars after spending the last 10 years making electronic music. I have decide to pick up the guitar this time and follow my dream of learning music theory and jazz guitar. I think your site will be a great help. Thank you for shaking you knowledge.

    1. Matthew Warnock says:

      That’s great Tim! Enjoy the book and keep checking out the site. Glad to have you around.

  15. Michael Schmal says:

    Thank you!

  16. Bruno Cromwell says:

    Whoa! Thank you so much for available all this stuff for others people. Really, it is a very cool. It is a Great Site.

    1. Matt Warnock says:

      thanks for checking out the site, glad you dig the lessons!

  17. Tony Kirk says:

    Fantastic value for money a must for everyone! Thank you so much.

    1. Matt Warnock says:

      Thanks tony, glad you dug the book!

  18. Johnson says:

    thanks for your given e-book and stuff that help us to learn and play jazz guitar its very easy to all lovers of guitar to learn this..

    1. Matt Warnock says:

      No problem, thanks for checking out the site!

  19. Gianc says:

    Hi Matt,
    thank you so much for this… just bought the book, very well organized, a pleasure to read! It’ll be a lot of fun to practice!

    1. Matt Warnock says:

      Thanks mate, glad you dig the book. Have fun with it!

  20. orlando massingue says:

    Hi I am new in this world jazz do think is right to me to page this book of better guitar jazz in 30 days or you have other one that I can follow before this? please help.thanks

    1. Matt Warnock says:

      Hi Orlando, thanks for checking out the site. This is the best book I have for beginner’s right now, so it would be a good choice. Hope you enjoy it!

  21. bill says:

    hi matt…i have played guitar for donkey’s years, but now playing jazz, (i am in 2 jazz bands; quintet & big band) i have no trouble with rhythm, chords, ideas for impro, licks. i am reasonably up on scales, modes etc. my stumbling block is counting, knowing where i am during a solo. i will play 6-7 9-11,or any number of bars instead of the right there any formula to remedy this malfunction? i think this is seriously hampering my progress. hope you can help.

    1. Matt Warnock says:


      Thanks for checking out the site. The easiest exercise to work on this is to play the root note once for each chord in the tune. So just get used to following the chords as they go by. You can say the names out loud as well, or sing the root notes but that is a good way to go about it. You can also check out my rhythmic fundamentals book as it may be helpful.

  22. saman says:

    Hi dear matt
    im saman and i cant speaking in english very well. Im sorry
    i like jazz music very much and in dont know that how i can start it.
    Hellp me but reply with a easy answer

    thank you thank you and thank you

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